Why Listening to Music at Work (and During Quarantine) is Awesome!

woman listening to headphones at work

Work can be rather tedious, especially on days when you’re tired or in a sour mood (working from home may have similar effects). Regardless of how one feels, we have to be productive and get our tasks done. A great way to aid and even improve the nature of these tasks is by listening to music while doing them. There are a large number of motivating playlists on several music-streaming sites to get you going. If you prefer something more personal, you could also make your own playlists. Listening to music while working has been proven to lift spirits and make work fun and more enjoyable. If you aren’t fully convinced yet, here are four reasons you should start listening to music at work.

  1. Increased Productivity – A recent scientific study by Radboud University shows that working with music helps with creative solution generation.
    hpbyu Increased Productivity
    Music has been proven to produce calm and positive moods which is exactly what is needed at work. You need to be calm, focused, and (more importantly) happy to be productive. Listening to music you like is a sure-fire way to improve your mood and get you in the working mindset.
  2. Increased Creativity – Most jobs in recent times require creativity and innovation. If you’re not inspired, how do you expect to get creative? Listening to music can get your creative juices flowing and have you thinking outside the box. The lyrics or the melody might strike a chord in you and give you an idea. This is less likely to happen if you’re just surrounded by silence or if your attention keeps getting drawn to the chatter going on around you.
  3. Lets Others Know You Are Busy – listening to music while working is the most polite way to let everyone know you’re busy and don’t want to be disturbed. Once you have your headphones on, people are less likely to distract you and even if they do, you’re less likely to hear what they’re saying.
    Busy noisy place to work.
  4. Reduces Self-Interruptions – While it is true that sometimes co-workers can be distracting, a lot of distractions are also self-engineered. Listening to music through Bluetooth headphones will reduce the likelihood of getting distracted by your phone. You will not have that many excuses to touch it especially if you place it in do not disturb mode. Using headphones takes out the issue of wires so your phone doesn’t have to be directly beside you. You could place it in one of your drawers to make sure there’s a barrier blocking you from getting it. Of course, you could easily open the drawer but the presence of a hindrance will remind you why you kept your phone away in the first place.

Music keeps people going, there’s hardly any shop you’ll enter that won’t have music playing. It makes you feel good and with the right tempo, it could even be invigorating. Headphones are better suited to day-to-day movement.   Our headphones sound better than most wireless earbuds and they are more durable than wired earphones. If you need good quality headphones, check out our site at HeadphonesByYou.com.  We have a wide selection to choose from that matches your style.

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