Why Headphones During Recordings Are A Must

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A lot of studios, engineers, producers, and musicians under appreciate quality headphones. Some consider buying them to be a less than glamorous purchase. In reality, buying headphones are quite crucial.
When recording music, everything is done separately. Instrumentals and vocals are recorded individually.  When recording a song, you need to have headphones on in order to avoid unnecessary sounds, other than the singer’s voice, because it may negatively affect the performance.
Headphones take your ears from the side of the head and put them right in-front of your mouth so that you can hear exactly what is going on in the music track. Whether you’re listening to a sound track, podcast or radio recordings, when it comes to adjusting your voice, you need to have headphones on to set everything accordingly.
Wearing a pair can actually help you figure out the loud and quiet passages of your recording equipment; from there, you can fix them before the launch of your track. You can do that with open music as well, but headphones give you all sorts of comfort and details about the track you’re listening to.

Wearing Headphones Improves Your Mic Technique
You can significantly improve your sound and mic techniques through these tips and tricks on better vocal recordings:

  • Always prepare yourself before the recordings
  • Use better microphone techniques: Volume Control, Avoid popping and sibilance, Breathing sound control
  • Selecting the right microphone that fits your budget and sensitivity
  • Shape your vowels when singing and speaking
  • Try communicating in a normal way
  • Let your voice and emotions reach through your recordings.

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Let You Monitor Your Audio in Real-time

We’ve all been there. You’re recording a vocalist, or recording your own vocals but there might be something missing which is causing all the problems.
The problem isn’t with your vocalist neither with your voice, but did you check your headphones before setting everything up? Probably not. Good pairs of headphones can do wonders when it comes to monitoring your audio in real time.
Here are the tips that you need to look for and implement before or during monitoring your audio in real-time:

  • Let the singer hear his/her own voice during the singing with headphones on
  • Simplify the mixes when re-checking the music
  • Make sure to balance your track sound- if it’s too loud turn it down
  • Make sure that your singer is comfortable with the setting you’ve made

You don’t have to panic when monitoring your audio during real-time. If you’ve got a good pair of cans, you’ll be able to solve these problems fairly quickly.

using headphones to edit video

Headphones Help You Edit Accurately

You might be in the final phase of your song/recording where you’ve to check the sound for extra noises during the editing.
The ideal way to edit your track is to listen to everything through the headphones because you’re going to get the best experience and you’ll be able to hear the flaws in your track.
When editing the critical phase of the track, we recommend you to use headphones because you can’t focus and look for small mistakes while listening everything on the speakers. If you need small details, then headphones can do wonders to you and you’ll be able to correct the mistakes.

Are you looking to buy headphones? If you don’t have a great pair of headphones to edit your tracks, then feel free to check out our collection of headphones. Not only these headphones will help you to focus on your work, but you’ll be able to listen everything smoothly.

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