Why Headphones Are Better Than Earbuds

hpbyu Headphones are better

There’s a new wave of earbuds being made in recent times. Samsung, Apple and other companies are producing earbuds for their cellphones and other devices. Most of these earbuds are wired, but more are increasingly wireless. They are usually small enough to be carried around in your pockets for convenience.   However, there are several reasons why headphones are vastly superior to earbuds.

  1. Bad For Your Ears – Most earbuds are designed to be next to your ear canal and not inside it. Due to the fact that most of them do not have active noise
    hpbyu missing earbud
    If you are missing an earbud, you only hear half the music.
    cancellation technology, you will have to increase the volume to reduce the external chatter or background noise. This contributes to hearing damage. It can also induce tinnitus, a ringing in the ears, as a result of noise trauma. Having earbuds in your ear for hours on end is also physically uncomfortable. Headphones, on the other hand, are not as risky. Our headphones completely encapsulate your ears, so there would be less of a need for you to increase the volume to compensate for outside noise. At a moderate volume, you can use headphones for hours without any health risks.
  2. Easy to Lose – Earbuds are notoriously easy to lose. For wired earbuds, it is easy to forget them in jeans or on a table at a coffee shop. If you’re easily distracted, you could forget your earbuds almost anywhere. For wireless earbuds, this is even easier to do. If you lose one of the earbuds out of the pair, the other half is immediately useless. Even if you’re able to work with only one out of the pair, it would be unsatisfactory and eventually you would be forced to replace it.  We recommend upgrading to headphones instead.
  3. Easy to Damage – Earbuds, especially wired ones, are quite prone to damage. The wires can get caught while you’re rushing to work. They can get caught
    hpbyu broken earbuds
    Earbuds are easier to damage.
    on the door, in another person’s clothes or hands. When this happens, it’s very rare for the earbuds to survive such strain.  The force of impact would either cut the earbuds in two or will cause your phone to be ripped out of your hand or pocket and land on the ground. If you do not have a protective case, this could result in a crack on your screen.
  4. Price – Earbuds are way too expensive for what they offer. Apple Airpods cost over 200 dollars per pair. This is impractical for most people who need it for long stretches of time. They wouldn’t be able to use it for that long without either harming their hearing or needing a recharge. The better, safer, and more durable choice are headphones.

Headphones are better for work, studying, commuting, exercising and extended usage. If you’re looking for your next pair of headphones, we have a wide selection that can accommodate any style. For great options and deals on quality headphones, check out our site.

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Broken earbuds image credit: Jbing/Youtube
Missing earbud image credit: Walmart